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Our passion

For many the world of ducks is an unknown one but for us it is our great PASSION. It is a passion with capital letters because working with a product with over 4,500 years of history is a responsibility, the preserving of a tradition and knowhow, the dissemination of a gastronomic heritage which has marked our relationship with nature and our observation of the environment and our activities.

It was the ancient Egyptians who started out on this art of the world of ducks; they observed their migration and found in this noble animal a source of energy and a food of quality.


The most important thing

For us following animal welfare practices is part of our DNA. All the installations of the Martiko Group hold certificates from the Regional Government of Navarra to prove that our company follows animal welfare practices. The installations are all adapted to European welfare regulations.  

Each duck has at least 19 m2 of lawn in the shade for 14 weeks. Collective parks are exclusively used to raise them as is stipulated in current European regulations.


When food safety is the most important thing.

In the food sector safety is vital and if top quality is aimed for strict control of each and every one of the processes of our products is necessary. Knowing from where, when, and how. We are proud of being able to count on the professionals, installations, and machinery which help us to keep our word. In this way we know not only that our product is the best but also that it is safe.

We comply with a traceability process which ranges from precise knowledge of the origin of our birds (they are produced by ourselves 100%) to their raising, breeding, and feeding. Traceability from start to finish. A chain that is perfectly designed and orchestrated by the best and most experienced hands.

Because all the people and processes involved in any Martiko product seek the same thing: a safe product of quality. We achieve this objective by being demanding, defining the processes and respecting them with traceability and verification systems.


As natural as ever

We have always been very particular about the food our ducks eat because we believe there is a direct link between it and the quality of our products.

From day one they are fed on cereals which have not been genetically modified; we hold raw material certificates to prove it.

The ducks' food is based on 3 cereals: maize, soya, and wheat. In order to close the traceability circle still further, some years ago we started to grow cereal which means that part of the food our ducks eat now comes from our own fields. We thus close the circle to guarantee complete safety which is ultimately reflected in the product.