Offering always the best product in the best condition and of maximum quality involves of necessity our going out of our way to ensure the satisfactory raising and care of our animals.

Their welfare is part of our DNA, which is why we have always been and will always be pioneers in the adopting of European regulations, to the point of developing a continuous programme of investments which have made our farms and installations a model to follow in the sector. Holding certificates from the Regional Government of Navarra which prove that our company defends animal welfare is recognition for work well done.

Products with over 4,500 years of history. It is our duty to look after it.

The story of foie gras is studded with milestones and events and is a very ancient one. It goes back to the time of Ancient Egypt. 4,500 years of history in our hands. History which we must look after, transmit, and respect.

Our way of working is based on giving the best to our animals so that we can give the best of them to our clients, paying particular attention to the food, the condition, and the health of all our animals. By concentrating on this we will manage to preserve this trade which already has over 4,500 years of history and guarantees maximum quality from the outset.


Good conditions: all our farms comply with European animal welfare standards.


The food we give to our ducks is based on maize, soya, and wheat, none of which have been genetically modified. This gives the animal the necessary energy, proteins, and vitamins for satisfactory growth.


All our farms have a vet who looks after the animals' health at all times. The figure of the farmer is essential as it is he who knows the animals and controls their behaviour at all times.



From the spawn to the dish


Making what is subjective objective


Being the best and the safest


Respect and commitment