Making what is subjective objective. Quality is no more than an attribution of characteristics and only makes sense when it is accompanied by a much more tangible concept: management.

It is this Quality Management which each and every one of the over 400 people making up the Martiko team go out of our way to implement each day.

These personal and professional self-imposed standards take the form of the application of the highest quality requirements currently existing in the European Union and the implementation of supervised innovative processes approved and authorised by the Navarra Health Authorities.

With our loving care and dedication we achieve a unique product. With the processes and standards which we apply we ensure that this unique product is always in optimum condition, retaining as much as possible the properties and flavours of each of its ingredients.

The result of all this can be seen in the high marks we are given each year in quality certification processes, the recognition of top cuisine professionals, and our presence in thousands of homes all over the world.



Caring for our animals


From the spawn to the dish


Being the best and the safest


Respect and commitment