We are obsessed with being not only the best but also the safest. In a subject as delicate as food, making the best products is not just a case of having the best raw material. Dreaming or the best recipes are not sufficient.

When food is concerned it is essential to control strictly each and every one of the processes from beginning to end and to know who, where, how, and when.

It is for this reason that we have developed a Total Traceability Process which was initiated with precise knowledge of the origin of our animals. In the case of ducks this starts with incubation; we monitor the quality of the breed by using experienced personnel in the installations and also that of the salmon in the spawning of the females selected.

We continue the process with the rearing of both species in optimum supervised habitats and with slaughter and fishing using monitored methods, and complete this stage with preservation and maintenance under the most demanding standards.

The stage of preparation and handling is the territory of our own R+D team, which not only carries out constant research into the tastes and needs of consumers but is also in charge of ensuing that each item complies with the quality standards required. Finally external transport ensures that the product reaches the end customer in perfect condition.

Real professionals

This is only possible with the most demanding professionals, installations, and protocols, a perfectly designed and well lubricated chain involving each and every one of the departments of the company, from the farmers, fishermen, and field technicians to administrative and business sections.

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Caring for our animals


Making what is subjective objective


From the spawn to the dish


Respect and commitment